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Snow Removal

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Effective Snow Removal in Auburn Gresham, Chatham, Washington Park, and their surrounding areas.

What is included in our snow removal?

Living in Chicago, you know that you can have snow from October to April. I know that sounds like a very long stretch of cold weather and something most people don’t want to deal with, but unfortunately, it is true. That’s where our dedicated team comes to the rescue. We are ready to provide you with both snow and ice removal, along with keeping everyone safe. We offer various snow removal packages to meet any budget.

Why is snow removal important?

When thinking of all the reasons why snow removal is so important, the first thing that comes to mind is how not getting rid of the snow can cause numerous problems for your home and family. Did you know that there are approximately 118,000 injuries relating to snow and ice that occur over the year in Illinois? The key to snow removal is always to be one step ahead of it, and that’s why our reliable team works around the clock to keep those driveways and sidewalks clean in the Chicagoland area. We know how important it is to be ready at any given time for a big snowstorm, which unfortunately comes a few times during the year.

Why should you hire professionals to take care of snow removal?

When you hire a professional to do snow removal, you not only are saving yourself countless hours of being outside in the freezing weather, but you are ensuring that everyone is staying safe. Take a moment to think about waking up to a blanket of snow and realizing you have to be at work in an hour and you forgot to get gas for the snowblower, or the snow is too high, and you have to hand shovel it first. Now think about how nice it would be to wake up, have a hot cup of coffee, and looking out the window while our dependable team is doing the work for you.

Why is Mingo and Sons the best choice for snow removal?

Our insured team is ready to work day and night to have your driveways and sidewalks clean, so you don’t have to worry about anyone slipping and falling on the ice. The Mingo family has been providing snow removal services for over 15 years to the Chicagoland area. They have invested in having the proper equipment to service your home promptly, which will allow you to leave your home during those frigid winter mornings without any delays. Tracy & Theresa feel that their commitment to hard work, faith, and integrity are the backbone of what makes them different from their competition. Their goal is to keep the neighborhoods in the south side of Chicago safe and ready to handle those below zero days that so many of us don’t look forward to!