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Seasonal Cleanups

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Superb Seasonal Cleanups in Auburn Gresham, Chatham, Washington Park, and their surrounding areas.

What is included in our seasonal cleanups?

Every property owner knows that seasonal cleanup is key to having a healthy yard. Our dependable team wants to provide you with the easiest way to transition between each season. We offer removal of leaves, mulching, raking, weed control, fertilization, aeration, and also curbside pickup for a separate fee. We are ready to provide quality services that can fit any budget.

Why are seasonal cleanups important?

Seasonal cleanups are the best way to jumpstart your yard, so it’s prepared to have a spectacular growing season. Whether it’s removing leaves or applying weed control, our goal is to help you have the healthiest yard in town. Another advantage of seasonal cleanup is that it enhances your home by giving it a clean, fresh look that adds to its outstanding curb appeal.
We want everyone in the Chicagoland area to know that keeping up with your yard is a great way to increase the value of your home too.

Wet leaves are also quite slippery! You do not want people falling in front of your home or business! For this reason, seasonal cleanups can prevent a catastrophe.

When you keep up with maintaining your property each season, it helps alleviate diseases and mold that can form due to leaves left on the grass. It also is a great time to add mulch to areas where it may have thinned out or blown away. The best way to think about seasonal cleanup is to use it as an opportunity to identify what areas of your yard may need attention before the upcoming season.

Why should you hire professionals to do seasonal cleanup?

With so many commitments we all have when juggling family, work, and household chores, why not leave season cleanup to the professional? We are sure the last thing you want to think about before the cold weather rolls in is how you can get your yard ready while you are trying to clean the inside of your home for those holiday parties. That’s why our dedicated team is ready to get those leaves cleaned up and make sure your yard has what it needs for the upcoming cold weather. Another advantage is you will have a professional identify any problem in your yard and give you the quickest solution, so you don’t incur any additional costs to repair your yard.

Why choose Mingo and Sons?

The Mingo family has been providing superior lawn maintenance and landscape services to the south side of Chicago for over 15 years. They built their company on integrity, faith, and hard work. Their goal is to provide quality service at a reasonable price. What separates the Mingo family from other companies is their commitment to listen to customers and give them premium lawn maintenance services that will allow them to stand out from everyone else in the community. Theresa and Tracy are eager to help beautify the communities of Auburn Gresham, Chatham, and Washington Park by providing quality lawn maintenance services.