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Quality Landscaping, Lawn Maintenance, and Lawn Care in Beverly, IL.

Mingo and Sons Lawn and Landscape is ready to provide spectacular lawn care services to the community of Beverly, IL, and its surrounding areas.

If you ever have had the opportunity to visit Beverly, IL, you know how proud Southsiders are about their community. Beverly is one of the largest historical communities in the country; Frank Llyod Wright’s architectural designs are everywhere. Beverly also is home to one of the biggest St Patrick’s Day parades-dyed green river included!

The Mingo Family has been part of the Beverly community for over 15 years, and we too take pride in listening to our customers and provide some of the best lawn maintenance services on the south side of Chicago. Our goal is to enhance the overall appearance of your home and increase the value of your property. So, just as God grooms us, we are ready to groom your lawn.

What can we do for your residential or commercial property in Beverly?

Lawn Maintenance

The key to having exceptional curb appeal is to maintain your property consistently. Our dependable team is eager to help you get the best results with our outstanding lawn maintenance services. Whether it’s trimming, mowing, blowing, mulching, or edging, we know how to keep your yard looking its best.

Lawn Care

The most important feature of lawn care is timing. First, our knowledgeable team identifies when your lawn needs service so you get the best results throughout the year. Then, we set a schedule to come out and provide aeration, weed control, overseeding, dethatching power raking, and fertilization. So no more thinking about keeping up with lawn care demands; let us do it for you.


Are you looking for the yard of your dreams? Our experienced design team is ready to transform your home into that house on the street that everyone who passes by does a double-take. We will create a balance of native plants and trees that will not only give you a burst of color during every season but will create a healthy environment for your plants to flourish. We also install thick, lush green sod to accent those beautiful plants and trees.

Seasonal Cleanups

Every spring and fall brings its list of chores. So that’s where our dependable team is ready to help you with your seasonal cleanups. We offer the removal of leaves and debris along with getting your property prepared for the upcoming season. So whether it’s aeration, weed control, or fertilization, our goal is to keep your property well maintained. In addition, we do curbside pickup for a separate fee.

Snow Removal

When you live in Chicago, you know that snow is part of everyday life. Unfortunately, it could be from October until May, so having a snow removal service is a must! We are determined to provide a safe environment for you when entering and leaving your home. That’s why we will work around the clock to keep sidewalks and driveways clear from ice and snow.

Call us today for an estimate! We are here to help!